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Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Voices

Almost immediately after I recovered from my TRAM (reconstruction) surgery, I knew that I wanted to be a Sharsheret Link. The surgery was the most life altering thing, but getting through it and recovering made it all worth it. I wanted to be able to help prepare another woman for this and hopefully let her know she would get through it and come out a stronger person.When I got the call from Shera Dubitsky to become a Link to Marcy, I was in the middle of relocating my family to another state and starting a new job. However, there was no way though that I would turn down the opportunity of helping another survivor. Marcy was going to have the same surgery as I had. She explained that she was an active woman with an athletic build and had to gain 30 pounds for the surgeons to harvest some fat for her new breasts. We would joke- she was trying to gain 30 and I was trying to lose 30 - we could swap closets!It was great talking to Marcy. We are both strong women who share a good sense of humor and are able to laugh in the face of adversity. I really hope that I was a help to Marcy. I know she was a help to me. I found her strength to be awesome and inspiring. The only thing that gets me though is that I'm still working on those last few pounds and I bet Marcy has lost all of hers!!

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