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Friday, March 18, 2011

Starting For You, Finishing For Us

By: Rochelle Shoretz, Sharsheret Founder and Executive Director

Dear Heather, Janine, Tami, Natalie, Alyse, Aviva, Penina, Alexa, Melanie, and Amy,

You must be excited. I’ve heard about your training, the months of stretching and practice runs that you’ve plowed through to finish the NYC Half-Marathon on Sunday. You’ve been comparing athletic gear, finish times, running techniques. Many of you are competing for the first time, proving to yourselves that you can take on this challenge. Others have competed before, proving to yourselves that you are stronger and faster than in years past. On Sunday, you’ll stand at the start line with a rush of adrenaline about the personal challenge ahead.

But at the end of your run – when you cross that finish line – you will have raced for us, the women and families of Sharsheret. We will be there – patients and survivors – to say thank you for all you have done to support our journey through breast cancer and ovarian cancer. We will be there – mothers, fathers, sons and daughters – to say thank you for the funds you have raised for the programs that make life so much better for those we love facing cancer. We will be there – friends, community leaders, doctors and nurses – to say thank you for raising awareness about the impact of breast cancer on our Jewish community.

So run your best race for you. We’ll be there at the finish line to say, “Thanks. We know you did it for us.”


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