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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Breast Cancer And The Next Generation: Caring For Our Children

Listen to Sharsheret’s National Teleconference, Breast Cancer And The Next Generation: Caring For Our Children.

The teleconference was made possible with generous support from
 Julius and Emmy Hamburger Memorial Fund


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  1. We spoke about two years ago when I called to ask you for resources for a young mom in my school with breast cancer. You were so helpful and gracious. Unfortunately, there have been more moms and I continue to use your website and direct people to the wonderful people at Sharsheret. WOW -How serendipitous that last minute, last night's Bd of Ed meeting at my school was cancelled and I was able to listen to the teleconference.I planned on putting it on speakerphone and proceeding with my other work. But I was so taken by literally every word of every speaker - I could not walk away from the phone or think of anything else. I can not thank you enough for providing this collection of very practical insightful speakers. Thanks again and may G-d bless you with the strength, wisdom and good health to keep doing your wonderful work!